Sassy Amazon customers leave priceless reviews for 'Box Fan' sleep aid

Are You an Elite Sleeper? Why Some People Are Healthy with 4 or 5 Hours of Sleep
Are You an Elite Sleeper? Why Some People Are Healthy with 4 or 5 Hours of Sleep

It is not uncommon to drown out night time noises, like cabbies laying into their horns at 3 a.m., with air conditioner units or box fans. But the extra energy can boost electric bills. So a company decided to sell a video on Amazon that mimics the sounds called 'Box Fan for Sleep and Deep Relaxation.'

No one would bat an eye at a white noise app, but this 'Box Fan' video offers a trailer on Amazon so non-Prime customers can get a taste of what they are getting for $9.99. Apparently this video is pretty inspirational because just one minute of watching a fake fan whirl led to some pretty delightful comments.

From five-star review titled 'Blew me away!'

Modern day spin on an old classic. The plot was full speed right from the beginning, never slow or dragged. After 3 hours, you might expect it to wind down, but each twist and turn brought new delight!

From five-star review titled 'UNBELIEVEABLE!! Extra hankies required!'

Wait to see this movie in IMAX. It does not deserve to be seen on the small screen. I didn't know anything about until my boyfriend insisted we fly to NY to attend the premier. I sobbed throughout the last hour. Had to be carried out of the theatre. Don't be misled by the title. You will be a big fan after this experience.

From five-star review titled 'A True Masterpeice.'

This is one of the most beloved films ever! An undisputed masterpiece and perhaps Hollywood's quintessential statement on Box Fans. Frankly, it's earned its reputation. Knowing the story doesn't impair one's wonder at the undiminished magic of Box Fans. The film's tensions, sexual and dramatic, derive from the ambiguity of characters' motives. If you're laying on your death bed and have but only 3 hours to live, watch Box Fan. In closing, I've attached an image of the collectible Box Fan bobble head figure that I've just acquired from Amazon. Although it's rather and doesn't fit well on my desk, I like it.

But, it turns out even the most genre-disrupting films will be met with criticism.

From one-star review titled 'Spoiler Alert Amazon! Trailer gives away the WHOLE plot! NOT Happy!'

What the heck Amazon? Can you say spoiler alert? The trailer for this movie gave away the whole thing!

Thankfully for fans of 'Box Fan,' the studio capitalized on its apparent success by making like 'Toy Story' and releasing a trilogy. Now the sweet sounds of 'Ceiling Fan' and 'Oscillating Fan' can lull you into a deep sleep.

From five-star review: 'I'm a fan.'

By far, my favorite of the trilogy. I feel ceiling fans lacked the depth inherent in this cinematic masterpiece while oscillating fans is the classic third installment trying too hard. I recommend box fans for sleep and meditation for anyone looking for a masterful fan movie.

To read more reviews of this cinematic masterpiece, visit the Amazon page.

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