'People v OJ Simpson' writers explain 5 things they made up

Where Were "People V. O.J." Stars When Verdict Came In?
Where Were "People V. O.J." Stars When Verdict Came In?

"The People v OJ Simpson" masterminds Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander did a remarkable job of telling an accurate story. But they had to take a few dramatic liberties, and talked to TheWrap about what they were.

For example: That joke from Johnnie Cochran (Courtney B. Vance) about Michael Jackson being afraid of lime green.

"I think we made it up because we thought it was funny," Karaszewski told TheWrap. "We needed a shorthand to say even before the OJ trial, Johnnie had his hands full."

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Added Alexander: "Larry, I think we might have been mixing up our singers. I think there was some anecdote with Prince being afraid of a certain color. I think we might have attributed Prince's fear of green to Michael."

The writers also talked to TheWrap about four other small changes they made for the sake of drama, including sometimes changing who said what and when. If it served the script, for example, they might have Cochran say something in "The People v OJ Simpson" that was actually said by F. Lee Bailey (Nathan Lane) in real life.

Here are five ways they bended reality for "The People v OJ Simpson."

Real key players in the O.J. Simpson trial: