International Pillow Fight Day was as fun as it sounds

Feathers fly on world Pillow Fight Day
Feathers fly on world Pillow Fight Day

There are plenty of strange holidays out there -- from National Ice Cream Day to National Puppy Day, you probably think you've seen them all. Well, think again, because this past Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day!

For three hours, people all around the world, from Amsterdam to Dallas, grabbed a feather-filled sack and headed down to a local park to partake in some fun -- and at Washington Square Park, where New York's pillow fight was held, people were also encouraged to partake in some charity. At the end of the fight, participants were able to donate their pillows to homeless shelters all throughout the city.

The editors at were able to participate in the New York city event, and with the help of Kanvas, the popular app that allows users to create art, videos and much more, they documented it for our forever-pleasure!

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1. The pillow fights weren't the only things enthralling to watch:

2. There was no one 'type' of person that partook in International Pillow Fight Day:

3. This time lapse will give you an idea of the chaos that ensued in Washington Square Park:

4. If we learned anything on International Pillow Fight Day, it's to be ourselves:

5. Don't you just want to be a feather blowing in the wind?

6. This still-frame pretty much epitomizes how much fun the pillow fight was:

7. And that's a wrap on International Pillow Fight Day!

Check out more from the awesome event:

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