Family leaves dog alone for 3 hours ... comes back to unbelievable mess

How to Pick The Right Puppy for Your Family
How to Pick The Right Puppy for Your Family

When you first get a puppy, it's not uncommon to be nervous about having it stay home alone. But after that stage passes it should become a breeze.

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That wasn't the case for one family who decided to leave their Husky behind while heading out to the movies.

They returned home after three hours to a very unexpected surprise!

Their mischievous pet had found its way into their calligraphy set and wreaked havoc on the entire house, according to the post on Imgur.

The naughty mutt's paw prints were spotted in the living room:


The hallway:


And even in the bedroom:


Imgur users came up with hilarious things that may have been going through the dog's head while he trotted around the house.

"One paw print on the bed: "wait, I'm not allowed on the bed. I'm such a good boy," user ForeverGratefulinVT, commented. "Maybe the dog just wanted to play a game of blues clues and got a lil carried away," Kreegog chimed in.

And after its game, perhaps it tried to clean up its mess a bit?

"I like to imagine that all the stuff lying around and covered in ink were unsuccessful attempts to clean up the mess," Makeusmirk wrote.

The album has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since it surfaced three days ago.

It looks like the pesky pup got his point across -- leave your dog alone at your own risk!

See more photos of the dog's gigantic mess: