4 ways to make money during your downtime

Five Best Ways to Make More Money
Five Best Ways to Make More Money

There are many opportunities you can take advantage of in your spare time to help boost your cash flow that can pay off later on. Cash flow is how much money you have going in vs. how much you have going out. Whether you are a college student or have a full-time job, there is a side gig for everyone! Another job on the side is not only a great way to expedite your financial goals, but also help you prepare for your financial future. (You can track your progress toward your financial goals, like building a good credit score, on Credit.com.)

Here are four things you should consider doing to boost your cash flow.

1. Babysit

This particular side gig might not be for everyone, but if you are someone who loves kids and maybe even have some of your own that are older, then this side gig is ideal for you. If you have a flexible schedule or don't work a traditional 9-to-5 job, then maybe you should consider giving up some of your downtime to babysit smaller children during the week while their parents are at work. If you are someone who works full time, then you may want to consider giving up some time on occasional weekends. This extra money can go into a separate savings account to help prepare you for the future.

2. Teach a Fitness Class

If you are extremely active or simply love working out, then you may want to consider giving up some of your downtime after work to teach a fitness class. Call some local gyms or community centers to see what certifications they require to teach classes or what positions they may have open or be willing to train you for. You can use this extra money to help start up a college fund for your child or even an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

3. Tutor

If you are someone that has a strong grasp on academics and are looking to share your expertise, then you may want to consider giving up some of your downtime to help tutor children. If you can help someone get that 100% on their reading comprehension test or understand subtraction, then you are truly making a difference. You can choose to work weekends or after work; consider making your own set schedule. If you are receiving regular paychecks from this extra job, then you may want to consider putting this extra money toward your debt. A biweekly payment toward a loan can help you pay it off faster.

4. Sell Your Work

This job can be for anyone who is crafty and creative. You can turn your daily hobbies into chunk change by selling them on various online marketplaces. Whether you enjoy knitting, painting, or if you are skilled in sewing, then this side job is for you. It can be rewarding and enjoyable. If you find your selling a lot, you may even want to start a business out of it. You can use this extra money to help you reach your financial goals.

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