Women pay significantly more than men for these three products

What's The Deal? Why Women Pay More for These 3 Products

We're all willing to spend money on what we would consider daily necessities, regardless of the price.

Hygiene and beauty products fall under this category for both women and men.

Except women, on average, are paying much more per product than men are. So, what gives?

Nancy Tengler, financial expert and author of "Raising Your Financial IQ," shares:

"Women, on average, for almost half of their products, are paying 7 percent more than men are."​

And that 7 percent adds up. Nearly 42 percent of all women's products cost more than the comparable men's product, which means that nearly half of the time women are making a purchase on an item like deodorant or body wash, their male counterparts are paying less.

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This doesn't even include products falling under the makeup or feminine hygiene categories, which also tack onto the necessary costs of being a woman in today's society.

So what can women do about it? Tengler suggests:

"What women need to do is use men's and then save that money and spend it on something fabulous."​

Spa day, anyone?

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Women pay significantly more than men for these three products

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