This rapper is demanding that 'ignorant' Donald Trump stop using his hit song at rallies

Musician Blasts Donald Trump for Using His Song at Rallies
Musician Blasts Donald Trump for Using His Song at Rallies

Everlast isn't in a light mood after hearing that Donald Trump is using his band House of Pain's hit song "Jump Around" at campaign events.

Rather, the rapper and former leader of House of Pain jumped on to Instagram and threatened legal action if Trump continues to use the 1992 hit at his events.

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"I've been informed [Donald Trump] is using 'Jump Around' at his rallies," Everlast wrote on Instagram. "Stop playing my song, you ignorant racist piece of s--t. Lawyers are already on it. I don't want your money. No amount you offer will get the license. I would love to meet you and smack that comb over right off your scalp, you scumbag!!!"

TMZ suggested that Trump's use of the rap song at events is temporary, as he had been campaigning in Wisconsin ahead of Tuesday's primaries there, and "Jump Around" is traditionally played at University of Wisconsin football games.

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Although the song has been regarded in pop culture as a party song or rallying call since its release, its violent lyrics make it a strange choice for a presidential campaign song.

A representative for the Trump campaign has yet to respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

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