RANKED: The 19 cheapest holiday destinations on earth

Patron Founder's Secret Travel Tip Isn't Tequila
Patron Founder's Secret Travel Tip Isn't Tequila

The airport-transfer website Hoppa recently released a ranking of the world's most affordable — and most expensive – destinations for a holiday.

To find the cheapest places to go to, Hoppa calculated the average cost per person for a day trip in each destination, crunching the numbers for six typical travel expenses, including a 3km taxi journey, a night's stay at a hotel per person, and a meal.

The average amount a traveler would spend on a pint of beer, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of wine were also factored into the day's spendings.

From Southeast Asian islands with stunning beaches to charming Eastern European cities, here are the 19 cheapest places you could visit, along with a breakdown of what you can expect to spend your money on while you're there.