Leaked God of War 4 concept art teases Norse Mythology

Hot off the heels of a loaded week of leaked information for games like Battlefield 5, the next Call of Duty,Shadow of Mordor 2, and Mass Effect Andromeda(twice!), another big upcoming game has been unveiled through the sleuthing power of the internet: Sony's unannounced (but totally happening) God of War 4. If it turns out these rumors are true, it's not tackling Greek mythology like the previous games, but instead focusing on Norse mythology.

Sony has been absolutely silent on everything regarding the God of War franchise since the last game, God of War: Ascension, underwhelmed both in terms of critical response and sales. For that reason it would make sense for Sony's Santa Monica Studio to change things up with the next iteration of the franchise and, if this leaked concept art is any indication, that's exactly what they are going to be doing.

Like so much of the other leaked goodness we've had floated our way this week, this info comes straight from the NeoGaf forum, which is currently sporting dozens of what they claim to be concept art from the leaked game. While we don't have official confirmation, here's some of the more telling images from the leak.

The clearest piece of new information seems to be series protagonist Kratos is coming back, with a viking beard to boot. If this concept art is any indication, God of War 4 will serve as a sort of reboot of the God of War series, which is an all too common thing in gaming now. Expect to hear more about this one come E3.

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