Enormous wombat insists on being held like a baby

Enormous wombat insists on being held like a baby

By Troy Frisby, Buzz60

An Australian wombat is proving she's the ultimate diva by insisting on still being held like a baby.

This southern hairy-nosed wombat was born at an animal sanctuary called Safe Haven - Australian Animals Care and Education.

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Like any diva worth her salt, she goes by a singular name: Ruby.

Staffers say she's a total princess, getting round-the-clock care since birth. It sounds a bit like she runs the place, so it's no wonder she's never needed to break free.

On Facebook, her caretakers explained Ruby values her beauty sleep so much that once, when they tried to wash her blanket, she threw a big tantrum and they had to give it right back.

Now two-and-a-half years old, she still gets carried around by staffers, who act like it's no problem.

Let's face it, though -- even with her diva attitude, Ruby is adorable, and it's clear these caretakers couldn't love her any harder.

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Enormous wombat insists on being held like a baby


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