Drake surprises us by dropping two songs from forthcoming album, continues to stress out fans

Drake Surprises Fans With a SXSW Performance
Drake Surprises Fans With a SXSW Performance

Hello, Drake fans. How are you doing lately? Kinda stressed out but trying to keep calm despite the fact that Drake is pretty much just messing with us at this point? He just dropped two songs from his upcoming album Views from the 6 in a series of twotweets. When will the album come out? Sometime this month. When specifically? No one knows! What an unreasonable thing to ask. Until the record drops, we will all just be living on the edge, dutifully going on the internet every day, never knowing when Drake is going to bless us with another track or perhaps even the whole album. Anyway, please enjoy the unexpected boon of these two songs. They are "Pop Style ft. The Throne" (The Throne is Jay Z and Kanye West) and "One Dance ft. Wizkid & Kyla." They're on iTunes now. Run, buy them now.

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