Dashcam footage shows terrifying near-miss with tractor-trailer

Dashcam footage in Victoria, Australia, captured a tractor trailer truck plow through a fallen tree toward a stranded motorist.

The clip starts from the view of another truck, who pulls alongside a woman standing on the side of the road with her car pulled off into the shoulder. Up ahead there's a fallen tree after a large turn, which the woman ran over.

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Just as the man in the truck asks the woman if she's OK, a truck comes barreling around the corner and makes the same mistake as the woman. The back end slides out from the trailer as the driver slams on the brakes, taking up the entire width of the road.

Thankfully, the skilled truck driver manages to control the trailer's slide-out before striking the truck.

According the the YouTube description, the woman's car was badly damaged, but she escaped without injury. Although you cannot see the woman in the clip, you can hear her speaking after the truck rolls through.

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Terrifying Near-Miss Caught on Dashcam in Yorkshire
Terrifying Near-Miss Caught on Dashcam in Yorkshire