2 Ninja Turtles sat behind home plate at Yankees Opening Day

John Oliver Calls out Yankees for 'Elitist' Ticket Policy
John Oliver Calls out Yankees for 'Elitist' Ticket Policy

On Sunday night, late-night television host John Oliver used his platform to publicly shame New York Yankees management from severely restricting premium ticket access to the casual fan.

As part of his protest against the team's new policies, Oliver claimed that his show bought a pair of premium tickets to each of the Yankees' first three home games this season -- and he vowed to sell them at 25 cents a pop to the fans who messaged him on Twitter with the most entertaining wardrobe -- as the Yankees had previously explained their strict policies as attempts to keep "someone who has never sat in a premium location" out of the expensive seats.

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The results of the contest resulted in some hilarious entries. But the winners -- at least for Game 1 of the season -- are in.

And the tickets go to.... A pair of Ninja Turtles!

Thankfully, there will be more winners appearing in those seats while wearing ridiculous outfits on Wednesday and Thursday. So even if the Yankees aren't your favorite team, you'll have a reason to keep an eye on those first few rows behind home plate this week.

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