Young girl writes moving letter to her best friend who was killed in a fire with his family

Missouri Girl Pens Touching Letter to Friend She Lost in a Fire
Missouri Girl Pens Touching Letter to Friend She Lost in a Fire

A little Missouri girl decided to write a touching letter to her best friend, 12-year-old Jesse Sims, after he died in a mobile home fire with his family last week.

According to KYTV, the Gainesville fire claimed the lives of the young boy, as well as his father Robert Sims, 45, and his father's wife Kathy Baker, 45. All three died of smoke inhalation.

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Young Isabella Marin told the local news station that her neighborhood won't be the same without Jesse, and she placed a letter along with her favorite stuffed animal outside the home.

"Dear Jesse, we all loved you with all our hearts," Bella wrote, reports KYTV. "People were crying when we saw your house ablaze."

"My mom says you were knocked unconscious and that you didn't die a painful death. She said you were taken because God needed another angel. Good people die young, am I right? Sincerely Bella. P.S. Rest in Peace Jesse."

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Investigators believe the fatal fire started when the stove was left on by accident.

"I told her that God takes the good ones young and that God needed another angel," Marin's mother explained to her daughter, reports KOLR.

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