What to buy (and not to buy) in April

What To Buy (And Not To Buy) In April

Spring is in full bloom and now that you got your tax return back, it's time shop! So here are the deals you should look out for, along with some items to avoid buying in April.

Have you been seeing all those bright spring colors while shopping? Well now's a good time to get them. Spring clothing normally starts popping up in February and usually goes on sale in April.

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Easter's over but you can always stock up for next year because Easter items will be on clearance.

Also, make sure you take advantage of Tax Day. On April 15, many fast food restaurants will offer free food like a cup of coffee or a dessert with a purchase of a meal.

Did you catch Apple's big spring announcement? If you haven't already, hold off on buying the new iPad Pro, and don't buy the Apple watch from the Apple store. The iPad will most likely drop in price by summer and even lower closer to Black Friday. The Apple Watch is generally cheaper if you buy it from certified Apple resellers like Target and Best Buy.

Are you tired of your giant iPhone and want the smaller SE version? If you don't mind paying an extra $100 to upgrade from the base 16 gigs to the bigger storage size of 64 gigs, it's well worth the price.

If your looking to move away from Apple, many of Android's flagship phones are on sale. Samsung's Galaxy line just released their next generation of phones and that means last year's models will be deeply discounted.

Some other things to hold off on buying: laptops, tools, appliances, and mattresses. Those see the biggest drop in price around Memorial Day.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to save money and fully maximize your tax return.

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