'The View's' Joy Behar calls Donald Trump 'the most dangerous man alive'

'The View' Hot Topics: Trump Recants Controversial Remarks on Abortion
'The View' Hot Topics: Trump Recants Controversial Remarks on Abortion

As the 2016 presidential campaign rages on, the ladies of "The View" are no longer containing their true feelings about the candidates, Donald Trump in particular.

After remarks made by the Republican presidential candidate over the weekend regarding arming North Korea enemies like South Korea and Japan with nuclear weapons, Joy Behar, on Monday, made a bold statement regarding Trump.

"This is the most dangerous man alive right now, in my opinion," she said of Trump, to great applause from the audience. "It's like, weren't you around — didn't you read your history books? You don't want nuclear proliferation. you want fewer, fewer, not more nuclear weapons."

See photos from a recent Donald Trump rally:

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There was also more discussion about how Trump really feels about women and whether he actually has any business savvy after declaring bankruptcy several times.

"This feels like Superman predicting the next crime but knowing he'll be there to save the day," said Candace Cameron Bure about Trump's boast that he will turn the national debt around.

"It feels like 'Batman v Superman' and it's just terrible," Michelle Collins retorted. "Everyone hates it."

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