Stephen Curry foiled a teammate's prank by throwing a towel and showing off his ridiculous aim

Warriors Rebound, Drop Trail Blazers
Warriors Rebound, Drop Trail Blazers

Stephen Curry clearly has otherworldly aim.

He's the NBA's best shooter, capable of hitting shots nobody else in the league would dare to take, and he's known to be an excellent golfer, too. On Sunday, he showed off more of his marksmanship with a ridiculous towel throw.

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After the Warriors beat the Blazers on Sunday, 136-111, Curry was doing a postgame interview. In recent weeks, Warriors forward Draymond Green has adopted the Gatordate-dump celebration by tossing a cup of water on Curry's head during these interviews.

As Curry was talking, he noted Green preparing the cup of cold water. That's when Curry, as if he had eyes in the back of his head, whipped his towel over his shoulder and knocked the cup out of Green's hand.

Watch carefully:


Green's reaction afterward is priceless — a mix of bewilderment that Curry nailed the shot and anger that his prank was foiled.

After the game, Curry told the reporters that he saw Green "trying to load up a couple cups," so he used the towel to knock it out of his hand.

The Warriors continue to be fun and Curry still manages to pull out new tricks to amaze us.

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