Square Enix's Final Fantasy XV fantasy is selling over 10 million units

If anything was clear from last week's massive Final Fantasy XV news event, it's that Square Enix is putting a lot of hope into the newest iteration of the Final Fantasy series. They're not just building a single game hear: they're trying to build a whole new mega franchise, including the release of a new video, a new anime series, a mobile game, and likely more all in favor of boosting the brand awareness. And the reason why now is pretty obvious; Square Enix is hoping that Final Fantasy XV will push a LOT of copies. Like a series best amount of copies.

That's at least according to game director Hajime Tabata, who said in a press conference (as reported by Kotaku UK) that FFXV would have to push at least 10 million copies in lifetime sales to be considered a success by the company. Now Square was quick to inform the media that goal point is NOT financially based, and that the game won't lose money if it fails to reach that marker.

But still though, this number isn't insignificant: just the fact Tabata is hoping for such a number shows how much Square needs this thing to be a success. Heck, let's put it this way: the highest selling game in the FF series is of course Final Fantasy VII, which sold in its two decades of release 11 million copies. People at Square are hoping for this game to get only a million less than that -- at the least. Square better hope this whole thing pans out, because that's the problem with putting all your eggs in a basket -- if the basket isn't all that big, it doesn't look so impressive now, does it?

We dug the game's demo, so for now we can only wish it the best. Final Fantasy XV will hit stores September 30. Download the Platinum Demo right now on Xbox One or PS4, and for more Square Enix coverage, be sure to check back right here. Not this post, obviously, but the blog for more posts. You know what I mean.

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