Quick and easy pancake hacks will reinvent the way you do breakfast!

Quick and easy pancake hacks will reinvent the way you do breakfast!

On a lazy weekend morning, my favorite way to start the day is with a homemade brunch!

There's nothing like walking barefoot across a sunny kitchen, setting the coffee to brew, and switching on the griddle to fry up a full breakfast. My go-to? A heaping stack of pancakes for everyone to enjoy!

Though I love trying new recipes — this scrumptious egg-and-potato masterpiece has been on my menu lately — there's something about classic pancakes that I always come back to.

Maybe it's nostalgic — pancakes are the ultimate childhood food, after all — or maybe I'm just drawn to the simplicity of preparing them, but I probably make pancakes at least once a weekend!

I never fuss much with batter; I usually just rely on good ole Bisquick, but I go absolutely nuts with all the different creative twists that you can put on the recipes once the batter is mixed up!

From getting creative with add-ins to creating artistic pancake masterpieces, there are so many fun ways to shake up this breakfast classic!

Check out the video below to see a few of our favorite tips and tricks in action — how she uses the ketchup bottle blows my mind! If you love this video, don't forget toSHARE the fun with friends and family!

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