Mother arrested after letting sex offender tattoo her 3 kids while she was drunk

Drunk Mother Lets Her 3 Children Get Tattooed By Sex Offender, Cops Say

A Texas mother was arrested last week for allegedly allowing a sex offender to tattoo her three children while she was drunk, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

31-year-old Ashley Nikole Weir was charged on three counts of tattoos prohibited for certain persons, a Class A misdemeanor that could land her up to three years in prison.

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The father of the three children arrived at Weir's home to find the three minors with tattoos on their ankles. According to police the 13-year-old son had a tattoo of a cross, the 10-year-old daughter had a cross and infinity symbol and the 9-year-old daughter had a heart-and-arrow design.

​The father told police Weir was drunk in bed when he arrived and the children were unsupervised.

The oldest son told police that their mother wanted the children to get tattoos. According to the affidavit, the children told police that Weir told the children to get tattoos "but not to cry or whine about it when it hurts."

Weir's boyfriend's brother Dakota Popham, a registered sex offender, performed the tattoos.

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