Exercises at your desk that can help 'tech neck'

Exercises At Your Desk That Can Help 'Tech Neck'

We're all constantly on our phones, and all that downward facing digitizing can create what's called "tech neck." It's that stiffness in your neck from staring down at a monitor or screen for too long.

But there's a solution to help relieve some of those symptoms: yoga.

Now, we're not talking about a warrior pose, downward facing dog, or anything too intense. Chelsey Charbeneau with Dallas Yoga Center shared some easy to do yoga stretches that will help alleviate the tension in your back and neck. These are so easy you can do them practically anywhere, one even at your desk, and each exercise only takes 5 minutes or less.

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Neck Stretch (you can do this one at your desk) -- Take your left hand place it behind your back, palm facing out. Then, stretch your head towards your right shoulder. To intensify the stretch, put more of your left arm, including your elbow, behind your back. Take a couple deep breaths in this position and then gently release back to a normal sitting pose. You can repeat this move in the opposite direction using your right arm.

Shoulders/Upper Back Stretch -- Sitting on your heels, rest your elbows onto a coffee table or similar low surface. Put your hands into a prayer position and slowly shift your hips further down towards the ground and your heels. You should already start to feel a stretch, and when you're ready, slowly start to lower your chin down down towards your chest. You'll feel a stretch in the shoulders and open back. Hold this position for as long as you like, then engaging your core, slowly bring your head up and out of the posture.

The Clock Stretch -- Standing next to a wall, stretch one arm up towards the ceiling and rest it on the wall at the 12 o'clock position. Then take the opposite hand and place it behind your back, palm facing out. From there, walk your hand back on the wall to 11 o'clock or 1 o'clock position, depending on which direction you are standing. Drop the opposite ear over the shoulder and away from the wall. Take a couple of breaths here, relaxing your shoulder, then walk your hands back down the wall a little further. Finally, walk your hand back toward 12 o'clock and come out of the position.

Check out the Dallas Yoga Center website or Facebook page for more great tips.

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