Dolly Parton's tour bus has an entire section for outfits and wigs

Dolly Parton dishes on new tour, costumes and music
Dolly Parton dishes on new tour, costumes and music

Dolly Parton is known for her glitzy glam ensembles and catchy country tunes, so it's not a huge surprise that now that she's gearing up for her biggest tour in history "Pure & Simple," she's already planning out her closet.

"I only wear two outfits in each show.... but as far as the clothes that we take, we probably take about 25 to 26 different outfits that we can alternate," she shared in an exclusive interview with AOL. "I live on my bus, so the back of my bus is set up for wigs, show wigs, any other casual things I want, or hair pieces. I have a whole section for that. Then I have a whole section in my bus for my stage costumes. Then in another closet I have a space for just my casual things."

And dedicating an entire section of her bus to wigs and clothes isn't the only thing Dolly does when she is on tour. The "Jolene" singer revealed she also likes to bring some of the comforts of home with her when she's out on the road.

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"I always travel with my own pillow. I always have to have my own little blanket, that I sleep so well under, so I usually take some of those comforts of home with me. I usually cook foods that I put in the freezer so on days that I'm not havin' to stay on a low-carb diet to stay in my tight stage clothes, I'll take time to do that."

Dolly's stage clothes are the stuff of legend and she says that there's a lot that goes into making the tight-fitting, sequined numbers really shine on stage.

"We talk about what will be comfortable. I do approve everything and [all my outfits] then we decide how many rhinestone it's gonna have and whether it's going to be too heavy because I have to play all these instruments. You'd be surprised, all the little things that go into trying to make sure your stage costumes are good," she dished.

If her performance with Katy Perry on Sunday night at the ACM Awards was any indication, Dolly's tour is definitely going to knock it out of the park. Dolly and Katy performed "Jolene" together in a set of glitzy costumes and Dolly also was honored with the Tex Ritter Award at the ACMs for her television movie, "The Coat of Many Colors."

Dolly's 60-city "Pure and Simple" tour kicks off in 2016 and her corresponding 2-CD set will include all new material as well as a compilation of her biggest hits. Dolly is also is putting out "Trio," a deluxe edition set of her music with Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. Needless to say the 70-year-old singer's incredible performances and showmanship will draw her fans out in droves to the tour.

"I always said I'd be recording and signing even if I had to sell it out of the back of my car, and that's pretty much what I am doing."

Dolly Parton doesn't get nervous putting out new music
Dolly Parton doesn't get nervous putting out new music

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