11 obsessors who definitely love Amazon.com more than you

In our tech-savvy modern world, it's not too rare to see people addicted to Netflix or obsessed with all things social media. One of the greatest luxuries that has become commonplace is online shopping. That doesn't just mean clothes and shoes, of course -- that means everything. And where is the haven of all things online shopping?

You're thinking it -- Amazon.

Several die-hard Amazon addicts took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to prove that no one loves the site more than them.

1. Have you ever been glued to a tracking number?

When waiting for a delivery from Amazon my life pretty much stops

2. Amazon addicts don't even necessarily want the items they're ordering:


3. Amazon allows you to be your own Christmas miracle:

I love Amazon. Particularly when I finally get what I ordered. It

4. Save cash, stay comfy:

Amazon is like heaven y

5. The cavemen must have had Amazon....right?

I love Amazon. I don

6. Amazon can often be like an endless hallway of all the things you could ever ask for:

Amazon has everything I could ever want. How could I not be obsessed with it?

7. The site invites its own community of experts on every product:

I love love love shopping on Amazon. Getting to read through all the reviews is my favorite part.

8. Hey, as long as you admit it:


9. Just because you know you're addicted to Amazon doesn't mean you're going to stop ordering from it:


10. There's such a thing as window shopping, sans window:

I am addicted to going on Amazon multiple times a day and building wish lists. It makes me really excited even if I don

11. These addicts would probably spend any and all lottery winnings on Amazon:

I have a controlled addiction to shopping on Amazon. When I have extra money in my bank I fight the urge to buy things online.

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11 obsessors who definitely love Amazon.com more than you

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