10 things you should consider before you get a new puppy

Puppies can do no wrong, right? Okay, probably right -- but that doesn't mean that it's always a walk in the park to take care of a new dog. Well, it might quite literally be a walk in the park, but not figuratively.

There are plenty of anxieties that come along with choosing a dog, teaching it to behave, adapting it to your family, and learning to be there for it in all its times of need. And while all of these things might be demanding, none of them take away from the love, excitement and endless adorable-ness that dogs can provide.

Several people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain the stress and excitement of getting a new puppy.

1. Some never realize they're dog people until they get a dog:

I never understood why people loved dogs so much. And then we got a puppy and I

2. You might worry about your dog's well-being as much as you would for any member of your family:

My new puppy is like my baby I worry about every little noise he makes

3. There will be the endless cycle of your dog being totally adorable, and totally mischievous:

When my puppy isn

4. Seeing how difficult it is to take care of a puppy probably makes you realize that a person would be even harder:

I got a puppy the other day. I love her so much, but I

5. You're allowed to consider yourself a puppy parent:

My puppy is 8 weeks old. Im training him, and legitimately get proud when he learns, and does things correctly.

6. Leaving the house gets a lot more difficult:

Just left my new puppy home alone for the first time. Now I can

7. It takes lots of patience and discipline to teach your dog the ways of the housebroken world:

I don

8. It's REALLY hard to discipline dogs because they are just absolutely too cute:

My new puppy is so naughty but I just cannot resist that face.

9. Now that's dedication:

My new puppy is struggling to settle in so I sometimes eat dog food with him to make him feel secure

10. Puppies become dogs too fast to even grasp:

My new puppy is growing up so fast that it makes me cry a little on the inside

Want to hear more about the nuances of getting a new dog? Check out Whisper!

Getting a new puppy can be even harder if you already have an alpha dog in the house:

Adding a Puppy to a Family with an Old Dog

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