Obama gets the side-eye for flashing the peace sign

World Leaders Pose for 'Family' Photo at Nuclear Summit
World Leaders Pose for 'Family' Photo at Nuclear Summit

Surrounded by world leaders who had been working on a nuclear world peace summit, United States President Barack Obama knew a perfect picture opportunity when he saw one.

The 54 presidents and prime ministers who had gathered for the two-day summit also gathered for a quick "team photo," and as Obama stood in the middle of the large group, he decided to flash a peace sign. After all, peace is what this entire summit was about, wasn't it?

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Obama Cameron
Obama Cameron

Some have criticized POTUS' playful stance for being too flippant. While the picture captures other world leaders looking at Obama and his antics, the expression on the face of British Prime Minister David Cameron is probably the best reaction of all.

Check out photos from the event:

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