Oops! Fox morning news anchor hilariously mistakes Lauren Conrad for 'Laguna Beach' co-star Kristin Cavallari

EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Conrad's Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding
EXCLUSIVE: Lauren Conrad's Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Shall we change Lauren Conrad's nickname from "LC" to "KC"?

The Laguna Beach alum was a guest on Good Day New York on Tuesday, where she was hilariously mistaken for one of her famous co-stars, Kristin Cavallari!

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Anchors Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly welcomed Conrad to the show to talk about her new book, "Celebrate." Things got a bit awkward when Scotto asked, "So one day you're on a reality show, the next minute you're a beautiful mother. How many children do you have?"

Conrad -- who does not have any children -- reacted quite adorably, giggling as she said, "None."

"You don't have any? No kids?" Scotto responded, apparently still confused.

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Kelly weighed in to cover up the mishap, belting out, "We're still working on it, Rosanna!"

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Scotto was, of course, referring to Cavallari, who is married to NFL pro Jay Cutler. The two have three children together -- sons Camden, 3, and Jaxon, 1, and a daughter, Saylor, four months. Like her co-star, Cavallari is also an author, recently releasing her own novel, "Balancing in Heels."

Though she may not be "a beautiful mother," Conrad is indeed an awesome wife to her lawyer beau, William Tell.

The duo tied the knot in a rustic-chic wedding on the California coastline in September 2014, and the blond beauty hasn't been able to stop gushing over him since!

"My favorite thing about being married is knowing that I have a partner in life that I get to do so many wonderful things with," she revealed on her blog last August. "Dreaming of the things we will do 20 years from now is so fun."

Likewise, Cavallari has found happiness in her marriage to Cutler, though she admits the two wouldn't exactly label their relationship as "perfect."

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"I'm very honest about the fact that we have problems," the 29-year-old reality star told ET in an exclusive interview last month. "We don't have a perfect relationship."

To hear more on how she and the Chicago Bears quarterback keep their romance alive, watch the video below.

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