Jordan Spieth trolls 76ers, Sooners after Villanova Final Four win

Villanova advances to final with 95-51 win over Oklahoma
Villanova advances to final with 95-51 win over Oklahoma

When a team loses in blowout fashion, they're going to be the subject of jokes. When a team loses in the Final Four by 44 points and gets absolutely destroyed like the Oklahoma Sooners did, well then they are going to be the subject of many jokes for a long time.

One team that is a joke is the Philadelphia 76ers. They haven't even won double-digit games yet and the season is almost over. They've been the subject of jokes for many years because of how bad they are and on Saturday night, they were the joke again, when the local Philadelphia college basketball team, the Villanova Wildcats, destroyed the Sooners.

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After the game, golfing sensation Jordan Spieth decided to throw gas on the fire that is how bad the 76ers are and ask whether or not the Wildcats could beat them. Considering that Spieth is a former Texas Longhorn, then there stands the good chance that he quite enjoyed the beating that Oklahoma suffered.

The question of whether or not a college team can beat the 76ers has been brought up before and although it's a ludicrous thought, with the way Villanova rolled Oklahoma, it's a fun thought to think about.

Sure, the 76ers would probably win a game between the two, but they're so terrible and have shown no signs of progress that they aren't immune to these jokes and shouldn't be immune to these jokes.

When the world's best golfer is roasting you, then you know it's time to hang it up.

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