Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at Chris Christie 'hostage' meme

Gov. Chris Christie Explains His Awkward Super Tuesday Face Behind Donald Trump
Gov. Chris Christie Explains His Awkward Super Tuesday Face Behind Donald Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie just cannot live this meme down.

Christie joined Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon for his 1,000th show on Friday night, only to relive the awkward Donald Trump press conference after which Christie was mocked online as being Trump's hostage.

During Trump's Super Tuesday victory speech/press conference, Christie became a trending topic and meme as Twitter users wondered if Trump was holding him against his will. Christie's facial expressions made some people ask if he was in a "proof of life video," and others edited him into scenes from Gone Girl.

Click through Twitter reactions to Christie and Trump:

Fallon, wearing a New Jersey pin in solidarity with his guest, asked him about that viral moment. "You look like you were having a blast," he said, pointing to a photo of Christie behind Trump. "Were you being held hostage at this time?"

Christie had an explanation that Fallon could understand. "This is what you would look like if you were standing behind Jay Leno while he was doing his monologue," he said. "If you're used to talking, it's awkward not to talk."

Trying to prove how odd it looked, Fallon brought out a cardboard cutout of Christie to stand behind the governor during the interview. "You don't find that distracting?"

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The Tonight Show host, to prove his point, even brought out a cardboard cutout of himself to stand behind his desk, as well.

Speaking of the current election cycle, Fallon lamented that he and Christie hadn't seen each other since the governor suspended his campaign. "That's politic-ese for saying I lost," said Christie. "I don't sense a lot of pent-up demand out there for that."

Though Christie's a good sport about Fallon's "dozens and dozens" of jabs about him on The Tonight Show,he joked, "If I leave public life, you'll have to hire four additional writers."

When Christie was asked if he would consider being Trump's vice president, he balked: "I have a hard time believing anyone would ask me to be vice president."

But he does have a few plans for his future.

"When the governor thing is over," he said, "I'd maybe like to play tambourine in The Roots."

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