9 reasons being a working mom is even harder than you realized

Being a parent is difficult in any capacity -- whether you're a single parent or simply dealing with the struggles of newfound parenthood, there really is no easy route to parenthood (although that of course doesn't make it undeniably rewarding).

As an adult, especially one with a family, you have a responsibility to provide for not only yourself, but also other people who are fully dependent on you. A working parent often ends up with a hard-to-balance responsibility to not only earn money, but also fully be there for their children.

Several working mothers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain the true difficulties of balancing home and work.

1. It's hard not to feel guilty about doing what you need to do:

My husband and I both work full time to give our sons a nice life. If I could stay home and be with them, I would. It just isn

2. The payoff is always satisfying when you're able to provide for your loved ones:

Being a working mom is tough but its so rewarding knowing that everything your child has is because of you

3. It feels like a vicious cycle of prioritizing when you're choosing the best way to care for your children:

I work to pay for things for my children but then feel like I never can spend enough time with them ��

4. Knowing that life milestones are being made without you can be seriously frustrating:

Working this much is making me miss memories with my kids. I want balance.

5. Tasting the stay-at-home mom life might make you resent your career:

I wish I could quit my job and be a stay at home mom again. I miss spending time with my daughter!

6. Just because you know you should feel grateful doesn't necessarily mean you do:

I really don

7. Is striking a satisfying balance even possible?

Being a working mom I feel like I am never spending enough time with my children. I want to do it all but there aren

8. Your love for your children can easily be the motivator to push hard at work:

I work full time and I

9. Your dedication to your career can in turn provide your children with a valuable life lesson:

My kids are my #1 priority. I have to work to provide for them and I wouldn

You haven't even scratched the surface -- check out Whisper to hear more from working mothers!

Need some advice on balancing work/home life? This video might help:

How to Balance Work and Your Children

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