Woman agrees to give her Twitter handle to Dr. Pepper under 1 condition

Not all heroes wear capes, as evidenced by one woman who recently struck a deal with Dr. Pepper to help those in need.

Up until last month, Diana Hussein was the sole owner of the Twitter handle @DietDrPepper, a name she said she came up with in 2009 when she opened her account.

A can of the bubbly goodness happened to be sitting on her desk at the time, but it wasn't until years down the line that she realized how profitable said digital presence would be.

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Hussein claimed that although she had tried contacting the brand a few times over the years, it wasn't until this past January that the mega-company took an interest in her account.

After the company offered her brand merchandise in exchange for the handle, she realized that Dr Pepper Snapple Group had another product that could help thousands of people in need: Water.

According to ABCNews, Hussein proposed that the multi-product company send 41,000 bottles of DPSG's water brand DeJa Blue, (or about $5,000 worth) to Flint to help out with their current water crisis.

"I had been feeling kind of helpless. Still do, really," Hussein said to the Detroit Free Press. "But I'm glad I had an opportunity like this present itself for me to be able to take advantage."

After relinquishing the handle to the brand, she now goes under the name @HeyaDiana, where she still encourages people to take action and help the Flint community in any way they can.

See more posts detailing her genius negotiation below.

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