Restaurant has come up with genius way to use leftovers for good

Restaurant Has Come Up With Genius Way To Use Leftovers For Good

When dining out, people often end up with more food than they can eat and taking the excess home isn't always an option.

Minu Pauline, a restaurant owner in India, has come up with a way to use those leftovers for good.

She placed a refrigerator outside of her establishment, Pappadavada, and is encouraging diners to leave their leftovers so those in need can have them. The cooler is never locked and there are no restrictions concerning the food's taking.

Pauline only asks that those leaving items put a date on them so they can be removed if approaching expiration. Thus far, the food hasn't hung around long enough to be at risk of going bad. Her highly successful means of both controlling food waste and feeding the hungry has drawn international attention, and, hopefully, many will follow her lead.

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