Pornhub is currently Cornhub, bringing you nasty, hot corn videos

Pornhub Devotes Separate Channel for VR Porn
Pornhub Devotes Separate Channel for VR Porn

For the first time ever, you can visit during work and not worry about being spotted by your boss.

That's because the site is currently called Cornhub, and its front page features nothing but corn videos.

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In one of the most elaborate April Fools' pranks we've seen, the folks from Pornhub actually took the trouble to record animated, corn-porn videos.

See more in the gallery below:

Before you proceed, a word of warning: Clicking around on the site will very soon get you into NSFW territory. More importantly, it might get your computer infected with adware or worse.

For that precise reason, we're not linking or embedding anything from the site. But we've added a hot, corny gif for your pleasure, below. Enjoy.

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