Police officer plays hopscotch with homeless girl in viral video

Officer Teaches Young Homeless Girl How to Play Hopscotch


A touching video showing a Huntington Beach police officer playing hopscotch with a homeless girl while another policeman makes housing arrangements for her mother has gone viral.

The officers were initially dispatched to the area of Graham Street and Edinger Avenue Wednesday morning to check out a "suspicious occupied vehicle," the Huntington Beach Police Department posted on Facebook.

When they checked inside the car, however, they learned that the occupants were a mother and her 11-year-old daughter, according to the post. The two were homeless and had been living in the vehicle.

When two Huntington Beach Police Department officers responded to a report of a "suspicious occupied vehicle," they...

Posted by KTLA 5 News on Thursday, March 31, 2016

One of the officers contacted the department's Homeless Task Force to help make housing arrangements for the pair, and began discussing them with the mother.

As that was going on, Officer Pricer began teaching hopscotch to the young girl, showing off "his expertise," the post stated.

The video shows the officer demonstrating how the game is played before the girl follows his lead. When she makes it through a turn, he's there to high-five her.

The post ended with the hashtag ‪#Copslovehopscotch‬.

By Thursday morning, the video had been viewed more than 373,000 times. It had more than 20,000 "likes" and had been shared nearly 4,000 times.

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