Marco Rubio may be joining the Miami Dolphins front office

What's Marco Rubio's Story?
What's Marco Rubio's Story?

Marco Rubio's 2016 presidential bid was a flop, but the United States Senator from Florida may have a future in sports.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported that Rubio may wish to seek an employment opportunity in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

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Marco Rubio is pondering his next move after dropping out of the presidential race, and rumors are running wild that he could be heading to the Miami Dolphins.

Sources said Rubio, who won't run again for his Florida Senate seat, could potentially land an executive role with the team.

Rubio's Dolphins fanhood has been on display for years. His wife, Jeanette, was a cheerleader for the team. The team he hates the most? The New York Jets.

"That's the team I hate to lose to the most," he told the Washington Post. They could be 1-15, and if they beat the Dolphins, their fans get obnoxious."

Earlier in the presidential race, Rubio revealed that he wished to play and eventually coach in the NFL before launching a political career. Via Fox Sports:

"I thought I'd be an NFL player or an NFL coach before I got to this point," Rubio said. "But I just fast-forwarded past the NFL part."

Well, it seems like Rubio might be circling back to his roots.

- By John Dorn

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