Let's examine the gaming industry's April Fool's Day for 2016

Not all April Fool's Day jokes are made equal, as you can see here (thank goodness Google got rid of that one). But when a great joke lands, it's among the best the Internet can offer. So we rounded up the best and worst of April Fool's Day today as it pertains to video games, and websites that cover games. Humor can be hard to pull off, and not everybody can be at the level of The Onion, so we commend the companies that aim to poke fun of themselves, or have a very clever spin on their products.

Home-run: Blizzard

We here at the AOL office LOVE Hearthstone, it's our favorite game by far. And we find it hilarious that a card game based on an MMO like World of Warcraft would get a joke trailer for the opposite, an MMO based on a card game. Brilliant. It includes characters from one game in the other, backwards, which is incredible because if you played one or the other, you get to see how Blizzard was able to have two different teams dip into the same lore and produce two completely different games that feel the same, and use the same characters and music and themes. Bravo to everyone involved, this is our favorite of the year so far (*slow clap*).

LOL: Armello Games

We would play this, straight up. Make it happen, please. Thank you.

ROFL: Cryorig

If you click this link, you will experience the future of virtual reality, and fans. As someone who has done a ton of VR, I can say with authority that this is not the worst idea, and the next gag proves that as well...

Thumbs up: Asus

We could watch that GIF all day. In fact, I should buy one for my cat.

LMAO: Angry Birds

Rovio had a press release on its website stating that games will now feature watermelons from now on instead of pigs. We don't get the joke, but it's funny enough that we laughed.

Swing and a miss: IGN

So, not the worst thing they've ever done, but not the funniest. At least it's not the disaster Google had on their hands today.

IGN usually makes elaborate live-action trailers to games and things that do not exist, nor should ever exist. One year it was an M rated Super Smash Brothers game, with shaky cam footage to boot. Another year it was a live action Legend of Zelda show. Now it's a Netflix original of Star Wars, but instead of that being a cool idea executed wonderfully, it's a gritty retelling of Darth Maul. From the Phantom Menace. Yeah, no thanks.

I don't know why they go through the effort of making something that A) looks totally fake from the start B) is not believable in the slightest C) why they promote it as if its believable and D) is something so terrifying that we don't want that Darth Maul prequel idea to get inside of anyone's head. Especially anyone at Disney, because if there are more projects based on Episodes 1-3, we are done. We're out on Star Wars officially. Scary stuff here.

Best of the rest:
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