Jim Calhoun has a pep talk for everybody out there with a busted bracket

2 Point Lead: Jim Calhoun gives bracket advice
2 Point Lead: Jim Calhoun gives bracket advice

This March Madness, the Dove Men+Care 'Bonds of Real Strength' campaign celebrates the deep friendships between coaches Jim Calhoun and Kevin Ollie to show the caring relationships that strengthen men today. Sports heroes are often considered superhuman – but in reality, their caring side – on and off the court – is what they (and other men) see as indicative of real strength.

You weren't exactly superhuman this March, though, right? Your bracket is in shambles. It's okay. We know the feeling. And so does the former UConn head basketball coach.

Calhoun dropped by AOL headquarters to deliver a much-needed pep talk -- to you and whoever else might need one after seeing their brackets utterly and completely shred to pieces.

Go to http://www.dovemencare.com/NCAA to see the 'Bonds of Real Strength' moments from Jim Calhoun, Kevin Ollie, and other NCAA coaches heading into Final Four weekend!


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