Here's why Apple is flying a pirate flag over its headquarters today

Apple Celebrates 40th Birthday as Pirates
Apple Celebrates 40th Birthday as Pirates

Flying high above Apple's Silicon Valley headquarters today is a pirate flag with the original Apple logo taking the place of where the skeleton's other eye should be.

This is because today is no ordinary day: It's Apple's 40th birthday.

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The flag bears much of the company's history and is symbolic of founder Steve Jobs' vision for Apple as it progressed into the future.

Jobs was known for loving and wanting to preserve the rebellious nature of Apple as a company. He didn't want to conform or ever stop being innovative.

One of his most known mantras was this:

"It's better to be a pirate than join the navy."​

In 1983, Jobs' team took this saying literally, and surprised him with this flag.

40 years later, it's safe to say that Jobs' original vision still rings true.

From the eagerly anticipated launch of the newest iPhone, to the company's refusal to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's phone, Apple has continued to embody everything the pirate flag represents.

So Happy Birthday, Apple and keep being rebellious!

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