14 reasons you might not know your therapist as well as you think you do

When you make the decision to see a therapist, you're entering an at once professional and personal relationship with a doctor who's there to help you feel safe and, hopefully, reach a state of catharsis. A doctor-patient relationship in the world of psychology is almost always confidential as well as patient-centered, meaning that the therapy sessions are for your benefit, not an opportunity for your therapist to talk about his or her own problems.

That being said, none of that means that these sessions don't affect therapists. Although they're not professionally expected to discuss their own reactions and feelings, when the office doors close, they often react as people, as opposed to doctors.

Several therapists took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to give some seriously shocking truths.

1. Can you imagine the irony of your own therapist not trusting therapy's ability to help him or her?


2. Your doctor might feel for you more than he or she is letting on:

As a therapist I sometimes have to fight the urge to flip my chair in the middle of a session due to frustration. Never because my clients, but because what some of them had to go through.

3. Apparently, some clients are bad enough to make psychologists give up on humankind all together:

Being a therapist is basically throwing away your faith in humanity

4. Your therapist's safe space might be in his or her office:


5. There might be some seriously inappropriate stuff going on beneath the surface:


6. There's nothing like real life to teach you about, well, real life:

I am a therapist. My patients have taught me more about life than all my books ever could.

7. Being a psychologist isn't all talking -- there's a lot of administrative demands, too:


8. Your doctor might secretly have no idea how he or she would deal with your problems if the roles were reversed:


9. You're not the only one who's laying on that therapy couch...

I lock my office and put my door hanger that reads

10. Being able to help you with your problems doesn't mean that therapists don't need help with their own:

I am a therapist and some days the only way I don

11. If they don't see your problems resolved, therapists might consider themselves incapable:

As a therapist, I wish there was more I could do to help my clients. I feel so inadequate when I can

12. You might be under analysis when you're speaking to a therapist whether or not you're at an appointment:


13. You never really know what your doctor might be dealing with:

I am a therapist. I

14. You might feel a lot of responsibility on your shoulders as a therapist:


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Having feelings towards your therapist? Check out the video below:

Dealing With Feelings Towards a Therapist

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