You can now get your soft serve in a churro cone at this NYC hot spot

Why have a regular ice cream cone when you can have a churro ice cream cone?

That's the question one NYC-based dessert shop posed before coming up with its very own, delicious creation: the coneCHURRO.

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The latest sweet destined for "gotta-have-it" lists everywhere was introduced this week by ChikaLicious Dessert Club on their social media accounts.

A homage to the Trdelník, a traditional cake and sweet pasty popularized in the Czech Republic, the coneCHURRO comes in a cylinder shape, allowing for the fillings to sit pretty inside it.

Although you can only load up the cone with one soft-serve flavor (vanilla), there are a few options when it comes to dressing up your cone -- including sprinkles, almond bits or sea salt caramel.

Take a look at the beauties below and pop over to the Dessert Club's East Village location to try out your own.

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