Woman with selfie stick tries to scale mountain in shorts, fails miserably

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12 Creative Ways to Use Selfie Sticks

LONDON -- A woman who was rescued from Britain's highest mountain wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt has apologized for not really thinking her trip through.

Sarah Albone, 28, from Brighton, reportedly ditched the climbing poles and ice pick needed to navigate the peak in wintery conditions in favor of a selfie stick and a small bag of belongings. She was wearing trainers too.

Albone quickly became disorientated and even started developing hypothermia before she was rescued by another group of experienced climbers, who labelled her efforts to scale the peak "ridiculous," the Daily Mail reports.

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Ben Nevis stands a massive 1,345 meters tall, a meter higher than previously thought, and several people have died on the mountain in 2016.

In March, the bodies of experienced climbers Tim Newton and Rachel Slater were discovered after they'd gone missing in February and another man, Peter Nielsen, was killed after a fall on March 25.

Albone, who is a keen cross country runner but an inexperienced climber, set off in wintry conditions on Saturday. High winds and thick cloud cover meant a helicopter couldn't be deployed and so the climbers huddled around her before calling the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team.

The team's leader, John Stevenson, said "it's still a full blown winter up there" and that temperatures on Saturday night could have dropped to -15 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit) with wind chill accounted for.

"It's just ridiculous going up there dressed like that and it's freezing up there, and being irresponsible means others have to go out of their way to help," he added.

Albone later apologised for attempting the climb.

"I was such a massive prick and I'm so sorry," she wrote on the UK Climbing forum.

"You'll be pleased to hear I'm booking myself In for a mounterneering (sic) course as soon as I get back."

"I was that tit that all proper climbers talk about," she added, in response to another comment on the forum. "The sort that arrives completely unprepared to climb a mountain." She wrote that she was dressed in shorts and Salomon speedcross shoes and her "only supplies were a chocolate Lindt bunny that I ate before setting off."

"No ice pick/poles/shelter any of the things that are appropriate for climbing a mountain. Just the stuff I had packed for the weekend and a stupid selfie stick," she said.

"I kind of knew I was underprepared, and didn't actually intend on getting to the top. I just sort of thought - oh I've got this far - it's not too bad - let's carry on."

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