This fan got an amazing tattoo depicting one of Michael Jordan's iconic dunks

Fan's Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan Tattoos Are Pretty Realistic
Fan's Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan Tattoos Are Pretty Realistic

As far as sports tattoos go, this piece of work is just fantastic.

Typically when we hear about sports ink, it usually involves a false championship prediction or a badly sketched logo. But tattoo artist Steve Butcher takes a very different approach -- and it's awesome.

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Michael Jordan's 1988 dunk contest performance -- capped off by an astonishing slam from the free throw line, will live forever in the memory of every fan who watched it happen. Of course, happening nearly 30 years ago, photos and video of the milestone jam aren't as crisp as we're accustomed to now.

But this recreation, in the form of a tattoo, comes closer to bringing this moment to life than ever before.

The dunk won Jordan the dunk contest over Dominique WIlkins.

It's really incredible. But it's not the first time Butcher has hit it out of the park with sports tattoos.

Whether you're a fan of permanent tattoos or not is one thing, but the astonishing realism behind these is unquestionable.

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