Ted Cruz jokes about hitting Donald Trump with his car

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Senator Ted Cruz Random Questions
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Senator Ted Cruz Random Questions

Things we learned during Ted Cruz's Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance: He's never done yoga. He loves the Star Wars franchise. And he would probably hit Donald Trump with his car if given the chance.

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On Wednesday night's show, the Republican presidential hopeful and host Kimmel got down to the tough questions we've neglected to ask this election season.

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"Donald Trump -- is he the person you dislike most of anyone in America?" Kimmel asked Cruz. "Who do you like better: Obama or Trump?"

After admitting that he disagrees with President Obama's policies more than those of Donald Trump, he got down to his real feelings about the billionaire.

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The two have been in a huge fight over the past week about their wives and, as of Wednesday afternoon, abortion.

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