Mets' Matt Harvey upset with media coverage of bladder infection

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
New York Mets v Miami Marlins

It's not a secret that to play in a big city like New York City, Boston or Chicago, you must have a thicker skin than playing in somewhere like Sacramento or Oklahoma City. ForNew York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey, media coverage of his recent medical emergency was too much even for the Big Apple.

Harvey, scheduled to start on Opening Day when the Mets are in Kansas City for a World Series rematch with the Royals, was dealing with a bladder infection that was not healing. The condition could have required him to have surgery and be sidelined for a while. The New York media (particularly papers like the Daily News and the New York Post) took shots at Harvey and his condition in their coverage earlier this week.

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Harvey isn't speaking to the media because of his anger, but New York Mets manager Terry Collins conveyed the feelings of his starter and all those on the team:

"You know how scary it is when they are talking about having to decide in 24 hours what kind of procedure they would have to do to remove the clot if it didn't pass? They were talking about the fact he wouldn't be able to fly to New York."

"We were all scared for him. And to see everyone make a joke out of it ... yeah, he's mad. He's not the only one who is."

Harvey was very vocal about saying he was using the bathroom more often than normal when talking about the condition, something that gave media tabloid types something to run with. Now, he is going silent in the days leading up to the 2016 season opener.

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