Don't buy these 9 items at Wal-Mart

Walmart Shopping Secrets

Walmart often touts its stores' "always low prices." And though the retail giant's prices are often hard to beat, there are times when you should skip shopping at Walmart if you want to get the best price on an item.

Here are 9 items you should never buy at Walmart:

Don't buy these 9 items at Wal-Mart
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Don't buy these 9 items at Wal-Mart

1. Gift cards: Walmart has a decent selection of gift cards for retailers and restaurants. But instead of purchasing a gift card for full price at Walmart, why not check out discount gift card seller CardPool, where you can save up to 35 percent off face value.

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2. Entertainment: If you're looking for cheap books, you're typically better off shopping online. Amazon offers some of the lowest prices on books. If you're looking for tunes, steer clear of the CD aisle at the retail superstore and consider signing up for a music streaming service like Spotify Premium or Apple Music, which both cost less than $10 a month.

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5. Organic produce: Kerry Sherin, a savings expert from, told GoBankingRates that stores with organic roots like Whole Food and Trader Joe's typically have a better selection and better prices on organic fruits and veggies than Walmart. "Shopping at stores with organic roots makes sense when these are the items you are purchasing," Sherin explains.

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7. Gift wrapping items: You'll really reap the savings by bypassing Walmart and heading to your local dollar store to stock up on gift bags, wrapping paper, tissue, bows and ribbon.

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8. Party supplies: Although Walmart does offer inexpensive party supplies, like plates, balloons, party favors and décor items, you can easily beat their prices by purchasing those items at the dollar store.

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9. Batteries: According to Kiplinger, you could pay up to twice as much per Duracell AA battery at Walmart than you would at Costco. So next time you need batteries, skip Walmart and hit up a warehouse club instead.

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