Brothers welcome babies at exactly the same time on the same day

Brothers Become Dads At The Same Time on Same Day
Brothers Become Dads At The Same Time on Same Day

It's a girl! ...and a boy?!

These North Carolina brothers were shocked to discover their wives had given birth at exactly the same minute, at hospitals just an hour and a half apart.

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The brothers' dad, Stephen Thayer Sr., was at Moore Regional Hospital at Pinehurst, North Carolina where the wife of his younger son, Matt, had just given birth to a baby girl, Cassidy. Outside the delivery room, the proud granddad was receiving photos of baby Cassidy.

Suddenly another photo came through - and it didn't seem quite like the others.

"Wait a minute, that's a boy!" he exclaimed, Matt said.

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As coincidence would have it, Matt's brother, Steve Thayer, and his wife, Fawn, had welcomed a baby boy at the exact same moment at the Duke University Hospital, located just 90 minutes away.

Both baby Cassidy and baby Benjamin were born at 6:53 p.m. on March 20, 2016.

"It was absolutely surreal," Matt told "Being my first child, and being a girl, I was already head over heels in tears. Then I hear about my brother and his wife giving birth at the same time --- it was absolutely shocking."

Steve told that his sister-in-law, Brooke, had gone into labor that morning, whereas his wife Fawn went into labor later that afternoon. When she gave birth to her two older sons, Fawn was in labor for 12 hours, so the family expected their stay in the hospital to be much longer.

"My parents thought they were going to come up and get to see both births," Steve told His father had originally planned to spend some time with baby Cassidy before driving to the next hospital.

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"[My father's] the middle man between me and my brother while everything was going on," Steve said.

Matt added: "He was the first to realize what unfolded."

Matt said he had been researching other siblings who had given birth at the same time but came up with nothing. A nurse who had worked in labor and delivery for 40 years told Matt she had never heard of such a coincidence.

Neither brothers even knew that the other couple had been trying to get pregnant, Matt said. Their wives were also due to give birth on different days.

Instead, both babies were born in time to meet each other on Easter, which was "kind of special," Matt said.

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While the brothers---one army, one navy---can sometimes share some sibling rivalry, Steve said in this competition, "both the babies won."

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