Bernie Sanders inspires new hashtag: #SignsYouAreABernieSupporter

The Evolution Of Bernie Sanders' Wildly Popular Campaign

How do you know you're a Bernie Sanders supporter? The answer — like everything else in life — can be found on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the hashtag #SignsYouAreABernieSupporter became a top trending topic. And while we are not sure what motivated the social media phenomenon, we sure do love it.

So what are the signs you might vote for a self-described socialist, so charismatic even birds can't seem to resist his charm?

"You read," tweeted one user.

"You support 'Feel The Bern' being added at the top of the food pyramid," tweeted another.

Here are some of the tweets and memes that had TheWrap smiling from ear-to-ear:

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Bernie Sanders inspires new hashtag: #SignsYouAreABernieSupporter
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter You read
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter You make memes like this.
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter when you cry watching his political ads.
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter - You think socialism is just misunderstood and hasn't actually failed every time it's been tried.
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter You support "Feel The Bern" #HotSauce being added at the top of the food pyramid
In the 60's your candidate fought to END segregation NOT continue it. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
#SignsYoureABernieSupporter You're tired of choosing between evil and less evil.
You are informed. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You're probably white and male, with a tattoo and a piercing. You live in the Pacific Northwest. #signsyoureaberniesupporter
You're ready to shred the big banks. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You'd rather give a young person access to an education instead of a jail cell. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You actually know your candidates stances and policies. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You're not a fan of The Three Stooges #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You see a Muslim and wave hello with a smile, and not a pitchfork. #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You're ready for a political revolution #SignsYoureABernieSupporter
You believe it's more important to tear down walls than to build them... #SignsYoureABernieSupporter

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