A father claims a teacher duct-taped his child with special needs and the reason why is pretty disturbing

Tempe teacher fired after duct-taping student

TEMPE, Ariz. — An Arizona father claims that his son was duct-taped by his teacher.

Destin Howato's son, Armando, is 11 years old. He has autism and is non-verbal. His father said Armando has the mental capacity of a second-grader.

He attends a school geared toward students with special needs.

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Howato said Armando's teachers wrapped the child's legs in duct tape last week, KPHO reported.

The school admitted what happened, saying that the teacher used the strong tape to keep Armando's shoes on,KPHO reported. The teacher said Armando kicked them off several times and that his mother gave permission to use the tape, but she did not know that some of the tape adhered to Armando's skin.

Howato went to police and had charges filed against the teacher.

The school said the use of duct tape is against its policy and has since fired the teacher.

Watch the video below:


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