5-year-old boy somehow gets his head stuck inside a drainpipe

5 Year-Old Boy Gets Rescued After Getting Head Stuck In Pipe at Wedding
5 Year-Old Boy Gets Rescued After Getting Head Stuck In Pipe at Wedding

A 5-year-old boy reportedly got his head stuck in a drainpipe while attending a wedding ceremony in China with his family.

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According to Global News, the boy "took a keen interest in the drainpipe" during a wedding in the city of Fenghua, in the Zhejiang province, located just south of Shanghai. He soon found himself trapped inside the pipe.

His parents learned of his predicament when they heard him crying. They called firefighters to rescue the boy from the pipe.

Global News reported that the rescue team first attempted to free him with pliers, but they can later be heard asking for a more aggressive cutting device.

"Slow down," the firefighters can be heard saying, as the electric saw cuts the drainpipe away. The boy can be heard crying as the team saws around his head.

"Mama," he cries as he is finally free, running into his mother's arms.

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Other than a swollen jaw, the boy did not suffer serious injuries, and was in stable condition following the accident, Global News reported.

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