Woman invites her 95-year-old grandmother to be the flower girl at her wedding

This 95-Year-Old Grandmother Being a Flower Girl Will Melt Your Heart
This 95-Year-Old Grandmother Being a Flower Girl Will Melt Your Heart

This couple didn't have any kids in mind to include in their wedding, so instead, they invited their grandparents to be the flower girl and ring bearer on their big day.

"It came out of necessity," newlywed Emilie Voss joked to InsideEdition.com.

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For her January wedding in Palm Springs, California, Voss said she had needed someone to carry the rings so her groom Ben Bohland suggested they invite his grandfather to be the ring bearer.

In response, her mom jokingly suggested they ask Voss' own Grandma Alice to be the flower girl.

"It was important to me to involve her in my wedding day," Voss told InsideEdition.com. "My husband and I thought it was a great idea."

So Voss asked her then-95-year-old grandmother to join them in the untraditional role, basket of rose petals and all. "People kind of break the mold, but she's so traditional, I think it was a wild idea to her," Voss said.

See photos from the wedding:

Nevertheless, Grandma Alice graciously accepted, and immediately asked what she should wear.

"She's always been a great dresser, and has a great sense of style," Voss said. "She asked if it was a certain color, and I just said 'whatever'. It's cold in Palm Springs, and we wanted her to be warm."

Grandma Alice, 95, next to her granddaughter, Emilie Voss. (Courtesy of Brian Evans Photography)

On the big day, Voss told IE.com Grandma Alice said at the beginning of the aisle: "Nobody laugh at me now!"

Grandma Alice can then be seen sprinkling rose petals beautifully down the aisle in the wedding video shot by Max and Molly Films.

"She was nervous, I think," Voss said. "When she saw how excited everyone was, she got past her fear."

Voss said she and her grandmother have been close all their lives. Despite living far from her grandmother when she was child, and traveling frequently for her job right out of college, Voss continues to spend as many holidays as possible with her grandmother.

Late last year, Voss said her grandmother had a health scare and was hospitalized "for quite some time." She was unable to walk for a few weeks, but Voss said her "strong willed" grandmother probably thought, "I have to get better because I'm going to be the flower girl at my granddaughter's wedding."

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Now, Grandma Alice, who's just turned 96, is as strong as ever: "She was like the head of the wedding. She gave an impromptu speech at our rehearsal dinner that had everyone laughing and crying."

"She's not going to be around forever, but I really treasure the time we have," Voss said.

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