The best places to live if you work in New York City

Best Places To Live For Young Professionals
Best Places To Live For Young Professionals

Getting a job in New York City can be very exciting, but with the city's ever-increasing real estate market, finding an affordable place can put quite the damper on your excitement.

As of February 2016, the average rent for an apartment within 10 miles of New York, NY is $3519. More specifically, a one-bedroom apartment can run upwards of $3,152 a month, while a two-bedroom averages about $3,932 a month, according to Rent Jungle.

With the rise in rent and the high demand for apartments in Manhattan and Brooklyn, residents have begun relocating to surrounding areas in an effort to avoid the city's nearly unbearable cost of living.

Check out some of the best up-and-coming locations where many people who work NYC but live on a budget have started settling down in.

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